Hello World / by Gary Popovich

Welcome to these pages. I thought I’d introduce myself.


I’m likely mostly homo sapiens sapiens (I haven’t had my DNA tested yet, but maybe one or two percent Homo neanderthalensis). I can’t say a lot about my distant past, except that they were hunter gatherers. My family left Africa about 60,000 years ago. At some point, some major mass of my DNA was clustered in the Balkans, along either side of imperial faultlines and violent engagements. Both of those sides emigrated separately to Canada and found each other in the land of promise, with fields of snow.


I grew up grateful we weren’t at war and that we had arts councils. I could be critical about things around me and it was one of the virtues of my country, something that allowed it to grow better. Like the world's free trade advocates I too believe in a world without borders, one where there’s equal citizenship, justice, opportunity, and compassion, wherever you might be and whoever you are.

homeless shell