Ali, Steve, and Me / by Gary Popovich

You didn’t say enough about yourself.

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I like tennis.

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Two years ago I premiered Souvenir with my partners Continuum Contemporary Music, live with an ensemble. I’m in the process of adding one more part to the video, then marrying the sound with the image and presenting it anew.


That’s sort of the theme of my work in the last few months. Preparing bits of writing, clips and pictures for the website meant I had to open boxes left unopened for years, boxes that travelled with me from one address to the next. Inside I found movies I’d forgotten, short, self-funded, having some problem (often lab costs), preventing it from splashing onto a screen.


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I’m also editing a film called Traitor, a piece about how I grew up understanding our tribal nature; it’s a piece I’ve been working on for a few years; a piece for which there is no box large enough to hide.

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In the last year: I finished editing with Ali Kazimi (Random Acts of Legacy) and Steve Sanguedolce (Land of Not Knowing).

Ali’s movie won an Honourable Mention for Best Canadian Feature Documentary at the 2016 Hot Docs festival.

“What emerges from a pile of deteriorating 16mm home movies spanning from 1936 to 1951, is a moving story of a Chinese American family set against the backdrop of race and class in Chicago, and one collector’s obsession with the 1933-4 World’s Fair.

Rescued from an online auction, the filmmakers’ quest to make meaning of this Chinese American family’s early home movies connects him with Irena Lum – the surviving daughter of graphic artist and collector, Silas Henry Fung.”

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Steve Sanguedolce's film Land of Not Knowing will premiere at Toronto’s Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival on Monday Nov 7th at 8:30 pm in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jackman Hall.

Steve Sanguedolce

 It’s a 71 minute hand coloured hybrid documentary that explores themes of art, depression and suicide.  More on Steve and his film in a couple of weeks.

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